About Us



Troy’s Team is a group of professionals dedicated to all areas of film specialising in producing/directing/action directing right through to post production.

Action Team


Our internal action team consists of a handful of dedicated professionals specialising in martial art choreography and stunt work. Based in China we collaborate with internal productions as well as Hollywood China co productions with our extensive internal network and understanding of the chinese market.

 What we do

We are action directors, choreographers, performers and film makers.

Troy’s Team produces it’s own films and material on a regular basis to raise the level of action within the industry. We work and collaborate with any scale of film or media related projects from major blockbusters through to short films. It is our hope through the portrayal of our choreography/action direction and individual performances as martial artists/actors that we may contribute to the historical roots of film direction and action work. Our goal is to continue and develop the genre of action the industry by contributing our unique blend of western/asian style of choreography with a finer production value.

Our Partners

Our list of colleagues and partners also expand our team’s abilities to handle any position or task related to films, television, live broadcasting, performance work, pre and post production